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 Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital Cuttack: A Beacon Of Hope For Cancer Patients In Eastern India
January 5, 2024

Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital Cuttack: A Beacon Of Hope For Cancer Patients In Eastern India

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Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital Cuttack

In the realm of healthcare, where each institution plays a vital role in battling diseases, Acharya Harihar Post Graduate Institute of Cancer (AHPGIC) stands tall as a beacon of hope in the eastern part of India. 

Established on February 2, 1981, as the Radiotherapy department of SCB Medical College & Hospital in Cuttack, Odisha, this institute has evolved into a pivotal Regional Cancer Center with a profound commitment to cancer care, research, and education.

History & Evolution Of Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital 

The journey of Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital Cuttack traces back to the early fifties when the Radiology department of SCB Medical College commenced cancer treatment using deep X-ray therapy and radium application. 

The institution’s pivotal moment came in 1962 when a dedicated Radiotherapy department with 100 beds was inaugurated. The subsequent years witnessed significant advancements, including the installation of the Theratron-Jr telecobalt unit in 1967 and the addition of the Eldorado-6 unit during 1971-73.

Recognizing the growing importance and potential of the Cancer Wing, the WAHI committee recommended elevating its status to a Regional Cancer Centre for Research and Treatment in 1983. This culminated in the autonomy declaration on April 24, 1984, christening it Acharya Harihar Regional Cancer Centre, paying homage to the venerable social worker Acharya Harihara.

AHPGIC Today With Its Objectives & Vision

Presently, Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital Cuttack serves as a cornerstone in the treatment of cancer in the eastern region, covering the entire state of Odisha and neighbouring states like Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Its influence as a regional hub underscores its commitment to comprehensive cancer care.

Its significance lies not only in providing advanced clinical services but also in fostering a comprehensive approach towards cancer research, education, and prevention. In the fight against cancer, Acharya Harihar Post Graduate Institute of Cancer stands strong, embodying the dedication to ease the burden of this disease and bring hope to many lives.

AHPGIC’s objectives encompass a broad spectrum, reflecting its commitment to combating cancer on multiple fronts. From undertaking basic and applied research to generating scientific manpower, organizing training programs, and providing advanced clinical services, the institute’s vision is expansive and multifaceted.

Among its primary objectives is the creation of a robust educational framework. AHPGIC collaborates with medical colleges to offer undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral training in various specialties of oncology. This extends to non-medical scientists through courses in Radiation Physics, Immunology, Bio-Chemistry, and more.

The institute’s commitment to holistic cancer care is evident in its paramedical courses covering laboratory science, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Radiodiagnosis, Cytology, Nursing, and Cancer Epidemiology. This approach ensures a well-rounded and skilled healthcare workforce to tackle the complex challenges posed by cancer.

AHPGIC’s Contact Details

For those seeking assistance or information, Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital Cuttack’s contact details are as follows:

Address: Medical College Post Office, Cuttack-753 007 (Odisha)

Phone No.: (0671) 2304 264

Fax: (0671) 2304 683

Email: / 


In the big picture of healthcare, Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital Cuttack is like an important piece, weaving stories of strength, new ideas, and kindness. It started small in SCB Medical College but now it is a key Cancer Center. This shows how dedication and teamwork can beat cancer. 

As the hospital grows, its way of dealing with cancer, teaching, and researching makes it vital not just in Odisha but in all of eastern India. Acharya Harihar Cancer Hospital Cuttack is not just a place for health; it is a sign of hope and progress in the ongoing fight against cancer.


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