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 Know the 5 Best Places to Visit in India With Family
April 17, 2024

Know the 5 Best Places to Visit in India With Family

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best places to visit in india with family

It’s true, summer can be quite intense with its heat and humidity! But you’re also right that it’s a time when many people reminisce about childhood memories, especially those of summer vacations spent with family. Visiting grandparents’ homes was a tradition for many, offering a blend of familiarity, love, and often a break from the routine.

However, it’s fascinating to see how preferences have evolved. Nowadays, kids indeed seem to crave new experiences and adventures during their vacations. Exploring new destinations can offer a broader perspective and create lasting memories. Planning a family vacation is super exciting. India has loads of cool places to visit and enjoy with your family. Whether you’re into forts, beaches, or mountains, there’s something for everyone. Check out these five amazing best places to visit in india with family.


India is a vast and diverse country with countless incredible places to visit. From ancient historical sites to beautiful beaches, and mighty mountains to colorful cultural festivals, there is something for everyone. If you are planning a family vacation in India, you’ll want to choose safe destinations, engaging for all ages, and make amazing memories. Here are 5 of the best places in India to visit with your family:

5 Best Places to Visit in India With Family


Up in the cool hill station of Darjeeling in West Bengal, one of the best places to visit in india with family. Families can escape India’s heat and get a taste of another culture among the Himalayan mountains. The top attraction is riding the iconic UNESCO-listed Toy Train through mesmerizing tea plantations. Other must-dos include visiting ancient Buddhist monasteries, trying unique Tibetan cuisine, and going on easy mountain hikes with spectacular views. Tea lovers won’t want to miss the chance to tour the tea gardens.

Darjeeling’s charm offers:

  • Incredible mountain views, nature trails, and outdoor activities.
  • Insights into Buddhist religion, culture, and architecture.
  • Opportunity to try local cuisine and shopping.

Here are 3 nearby places near Darjeeling, why they are famous, and what you can do there as a family.

best places to visit in india with family

1. Kalimpong

  • Famous for: Views of Kanchenjunga mountain range. What to do:
  • Visit Buddhist monasteries like Zang Dhok Palri Phodang.
  • Nature walks in pine forests. See Deolo Hill’s viewpoint.
  • Shop for woolen items, and handicrafts. Visit Christ Church.

2. Mirik

  • Famous for: Its beautiful Sumendu Lake. What to do:
  • Rent boats or make ponies to go around the lake.
  • Feed fish, and play in lakeside gardens and parks.
  • Visit Ram Krishna Pranami Temple. Have a picnic.
  • Try local food.

3. Gangtok

  • Famous for: Buddhist culture, and scenic Himalayan beauty. What to do:
  • Enjoy stunning monasteries like Rumtek. Learn about Buddhism.
  • Go for easy hikes. Try yak rides.
  • See colorful festivals. Look for red panda.
  • Admire Kanchenjunga’s views from Tashi’s Viewpoint.

Andaman Islands

These idyllic islands off India’s eastern coast offer the perfect tropical getaway for families. You can swim, snorkel, and scuba dive in the crystal clear waters teeming with marine life. Go island-hopping, lounge on pristine beaches, explore lush rainforests, and learn about the unique local culture. Kid-friendly highlights include glass-bottom boat rides, seeing the tropical birds at Mount Harriet, and playing at one of the many beach resorts.

The Andaman Islands offer:

– Incredible marine life and underwater experiences.

– Pristine beaches and stunning natural landscapes.

– Chance to learn about indigenous tribal communities.

– Opportunity for adventure activities and water sports.

Here are 3 nearby places near the Andaman Islands, why they are famous, and what you can do there as a family.

best places to visit in india with family

1. Havelock Island

– Famous for Pristine beaches, snorkeling, and diving.

What to do:

– Relax on Radhanagar Beach (one of Asia’s best).

– Snorkel at Elephant Beach to see marine life.

– Travel at sites like Johnny’s Gorge and Dixon’s Hole.

– Try water sports like sea walking and kayaking.

2. Neil Island

Famous for: Natural bridge rock formation, and untouched beaches.

What to do:

– See the unique Natural Bridge Rock formation.

– Relax at Bharatpur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach.

– Go diving, snorkeling, or sea walking.

– Visit the Sitapur Beach for stunning sunsets.

3. Little Andaman Island

– Famous for Virgin beaches, tribal culture, and dense forests.

What to do:  

– Enjoy pristine beaches like Hut Bay Beach.

– See the unique Onge tribal culture and lifestyle.

– Go trekking in the dense rainforests.

– Spot birds & some of the wildlife


This lush hill station in Karnataka state provides a cool, laid-back escape amid plantations, forests, and streams. Coorg is perfect for a nature-filled family holiday with outdoor pursuits like hiking, birdwatching, ATV tours, elephant encounters, and whitewater rafting. Taste locally-grown coffee and spices, stay in a heritage homestay, and enjoy the serene ambiance away from crowds.

Coorg offers:

– Incredible wildlife and natural experiences.

– Insights into unique cultures like Tibetan.

– Up-close interactions with gentle giants (elephants).

– A mix of adventure and cultural activities.

Here are 3 nearby places near Coorg, why they are famous, and what you can do there as a family.

best places to visit in india with family

1. Nagarhole National Park

– Famous for Wildlife, biodiversity, and scenic beauty.

What to do:

– Go for jeep/elephant safaris to spot animals.

– See tigers, leopards, elephants, deer, and birds.

– Stay in a jungle resort or camp.

– Enjoy the Western Ghats.

2. Bylakuppe

– Famous for the Largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet.

What to do:

– Visit the Golden Temple and Namdroling Monastery.

– Learn about Tibetan culture, lifestyle, and Buddhism.

– Shop for Tibetan handicrafts and souvenirs.

– Try authentic Tibetan cuisine like momos.

3. Dubare Elephant Camp

– Famous for Elephant interactions and activities.

What to do:

– Bathe, feed, and interact with elephants.

– Go for elephant rides through forests.

– Learn about elephant conservation efforts.

– Stay in tented accommodation amidst nature.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 

Shimla is a cute town in the mountains. You can walk around the main street called Mall Road and check out all the shops and cafes. There’s a famous train called the Shimla-Kalka Toy Train that you can ride, and it’s super fun! If you like adventure, you can go hiking or horseback riding.

Shimla offers:

– Winter wonderland with snow activities like skiing.

– Scenic beauty of the Himalayas and pine forests.

– Heritage walks through colonial-era towns and buildings.

– Opportunities for hiking, nature trails, and bird watching.

Here are 3 nearby places near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, why they are famous, and what you can do there as a family.

best places to visit in india with family

1. Kufri

– Famous for Skiing, winter sports, and scenic beauty.

What to do:

– Go skiing at Kufri Fun World during winter.

– Enjoy sledding and yak/horse rides in the snow.

– Visit Fagu and Kufri Fun Park for rides.

– Take a short hiking trail through pine forests.

2. Chail

– Famous for the World’s highest cricket ground, colonial heritage.

What to do: 

– See the Chail Cricket Ground and Palace grounds.

– Visit Chail Gurudwara and Kali Ka Tibba temple.

– Walk through Chail Wildlife Sanctuary for bird watching.

– Stay in heritage hotels/cottages from the British era.

3. Kasauli

– Famous for Hilltown charm, hiking trails, and sunsets.

What to do:

– Go hiking on the Kasauli Brewery and Monkey Trails.

– Visit Christ Church and Manki Point for views.

– Shop for souvenirs and handicrafts in the mall.

– Enjoy the quaint town’s colonial architecture.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu 

Ooty is a charming hill station surrounded by lush greenery and tea plantations. You can take a great ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also beautiful gardens to explore, like the Botanical Gardens and Rose Garden. And don’t forget to try some delicious homemade chocolates while you’re there.

Ooty offers:

– Spectacular scenic beauty of Nilgiri hills.

– Chance to ride the iconic Toy Train.

– Hiking, trekking, and waterfall trails.

– Adventure activities like off-roading and rock climbing.

Here are 3 nearby places near Ooty, Tamil Nadu, why they are famous, and what you can do there as a family.

best places to visit in india with family

1. Coonoor

– Famous for Tea gardens, Toy Train, and scenic views.

What to do:

– Ride the famous Nilgiri Toy Train.

– Visit Dolphin’s Nose and Lamb’s Rock viewpoints.

– Visit Sim’s Park and tea factories/museums.

– Go hiking and birdwatching in the hills.

2. Kotagiri

– Famous for Breathtaking scenery, trekking trails, and waterfalls.

What to do:

– Trek to Catherine Falls and Kodandu Falls.

– Visit Kodanad View Point.

– Visit John Sullivan Memorial and Elk Falls.

– Stay in a cozy homestay or resort.

3. Kalhatty

– Famous for Adventure activities, and off-road terrains.

What to do: 

– Go off-road jeep/bike riding on rugged tracks.

– Try outdoor activities like rock climbing and rappelling.

– Visit Thirumoorthy Hills and temples like Kalhatti Falls Temple.

– Roam around tea and coffee plantations in the surroundings.


India is full of awesome places to visit with your family. From forts to beaches to mountains, there’s no shortage of fun adventures waiting for you. These destinations offer a mix of history, nature, and adventure, perfect for creating unforgettable memories with your family. So, add them to your travel bucket list and start planning your next family adventure. So grab your family, pack your bags, and get ready for an amazing trip together.


1. Why is summer a good time to visit India with family

Summer is a great time to visit many places in India with kids because of the warm weather and long school holidays. Popular destinations like Goa, Kerala, and Rajasthan are very pleasant from March to June before the monsoon rains arrive. It’s also peak season for cultural festivals like Holi that families enjoy experiencing together.

2. Can you name some more top family destinations in India

Some other excellent family-friendly places to visit are Manali (for adventurous activities), Mysore (for royal heritage), Kaziranga National Park (for wildlife safaris), Munnar (for scenic hill station), Mathura-Vrindavan (for religious/cultural experiences), and beach destinations like Andaman Islands, Pondicherry, Diu and Daman.

3. Which is the coolest place to visit during peak summer months? 

For a refreshing break from the summer heat, the cool hill stations of North India like Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, Nainital, and Darjeeling make wonderful family getaways. Their mild temperatures, lack of humidity, and beautiful mountain scenery are ideal for sightseeing and relaxing. Kodaikanal and Munnar down south are other good options.

4. Why is India a great destination for family holidays? 

India offers an amazingly diverse range of experiences perfect for all ages – from exploring ancient monuments and bustling cities to enjoying natural scenery and outdoor adventures. The vibrant culture, exotic locales, affordable prices, incredible variety of cuisine, and warm hospitality make it a unique family destination unlike anywhere else.

5. What are some must-do family activities in India?

Some quintessential family activities in India include taking a desert safari in Rajasthan, going on a wildlife safari, attending a cultural festival or folk dance/music performance, visiting historic forts and palaces, exploring local markets and street foods, trying outdoor activities like trekking and water sports, and of course, making a trip to the iconic Taj Mahal.

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