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 Busy Mornings? Simple Healthy Breakfast Ideas For People On-The-Go
January 3, 2024

Busy Mornings? Simple Healthy Breakfast Ideas For People On-The-Go

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Quick Options for Busy Mornings

Hey there, fellow foodies! We have all been there – the dreaded rush of a busy morning. 

Sometimes, our breakfast takes a backseat in the chaos of getting ready for the day. But fear not, because we have got your back! Today, we are talking about Simple Healthy Breakfast ideas tailored for every busy foodie on the go.

  1. Paratha Pockets 

Imagine the deliciousness of parathas but in a pocket-sized, on-the-go form. All you need is some leftover parathas (or make them fresh if you are up to it) and your favourite stuffing. Aloo, paneer, or even a mix of veggies – it is your canvas. Fill the paratha, fold it like a taco, and wrap it in foil. You have a warm and hearty breakfast in hand, ready to tackle your busy morning.

  1. Overnight Oats With A Desi Twist 

Overnight oats are the superhero of quick breakfasts. For an Indian twist, blend in some yogurt, honey, and a touch of ghee. Add your favourite fruits and nuts for that extra oomph. Mix it all up, refrigerate overnight, and voila – a wholesome, healthy breakfast is ready when you are.

  1. Idli, But Make It Portable 

Idlis are a South Indian favourite, and making them on a busy morning can be a challenge. To the rescue: mini idli bites. Prepare the batter the previous night, pour it into a greased idli plate, and steam it in the morning. Pop them into a container, and do not forget some coconut chutney or tangy sambar for dipping.

  1. Egg-excellent Wraps

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and can be cooked in a jiffy. Scramble or make an omelette, add some chopped veggies and a dash of your favourite sauce. Roll this goodness in a whole wheat tortilla or a chapati, and there you have it – a protein-packed breakfast that’s both tasty and filling.

  1. Nutty Upma

Upma is a classic Indian breakfast dish that is not just delicious but also easy to prepare. Enhance its nutritional value by adding a handful of mixed nuts like almonds and cashews. You can also throw in some colourful veggies. It is a wholesome, savoury dish that is perfect for busy mornings.

  1. Smoothie Bowls, Indian Style

We often think of smoothie bowls as a Western trend, but they can have an Indian twist too. Blend your favourite fruits like bananas, mangoes, or berries with yogurt, and pour it into a bowl. Top it with traditional Indian granola, some honey, and a sprinkle of your favourite seeds. It is like a spoonful of morning happiness.

  1. Poha Power 

Poha is a beloved breakfast dish in many Indian households. It is quick to make and incredibly delicious. Toss in some peas, peanuts, and a squeeze of lemon for that extra zing. You can even prepare it the night before and warm it up in the morning – it is still just as tasty.

  1. Dosa Rolls 

If you have got dosa batter on hand (or even store-bought), making dosa rolls is a breeze. Spread the batter thin like a crepe, add your choice of filling (potato masala is a personal favourite), and roll it up. It is a fantastic breakfast that is portable and convenient.

  1. Muesli Madness 

Muesli is the unsung hero of Simple Healthy Breakfast for every busy professional. Mix it with yogurt or milk, toss in some dried fruits, and add a sprinkle of your favourite nuts. It is a bowl of goodness that you can take with you, with no fuss involved.

  1. Leftover Love: Roti Rolls

Got some leftover rotis from last night’s dinner? Turn them into a roll. Just smear a bit of pickle or chutney, add your favourite veggies and a sprinkle of chat masala, and you have got yourself a flavourful, desi wrap.

Final Words

Remember, busy mornings do not have to mean compromising on a wholesome breakfast. With these easy and Simple Healthy Breakfast ideas, you can start your day right, even when you are in a hurry.

Let me know which one of these breakfast ideas you would love to try or if you have any other quick breakfast hacks that keep you fuelled on those chaotic mornings.


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