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 Unveiling Top 10 Cancer Hospitals In Odisha for Comprehensive Care
January 8, 2024

Unveiling Top 10 Cancer Hospitals In Odisha for Comprehensive Care

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Top 10 Cancer Hospitals in Odisha

Odisha has emerged as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking effective cancer treatment in India. Boasting a unique blend of medical expertise, advanced infrastructure, and a compassionate approach to patient care, the state has become a prime destination for those battling cancer. 

In this blog, we will delve into the top 10 Cancer Hospital In Odisha, each contributing significantly to the fight against cancer.

1) American Oncology Institute: Pioneering Excellence In Cancer Treatment

The American Oncology Institute (AOI) in Odisha stands out as a renowned medical facility dedicated to cancer treatment. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of highly experienced oncologists, AOI commits to providing comprehensive cancer care. Achieving notable milestones, AOI focuses on personalized treatment plans and actively engages in research and innovation, ensuring patients receive cutting-edge care.

  • Leading technology for precise treatment and improved patient outcomes.
  • Experienced oncologists for personalized care and successful cancer recoveries.
  • Actively involved in research, contributing to potential cancer treatment breakthroughs.
  • Maintains high standards with stringent protocols, ensuring patient safety.
  • Comprehensive support system including counselling, support groups, and survivorship programs.

2) HCG Panda Cancer Day Care Hospital: A Super Specialty Cancer Hub

Recognized by the Government of Odisha as a Super Specialty Cancer Hospital, HCG Panda Cancer Day Care Hospital offers comprehensive cancer care under one roof. With advanced treatment facilities, including state-of-the-art radiotherapy machines, and a dedicated team of experts, the hospital has successfully performed over 10,000 major cancer surgeries. The Day Care facility further enhances patient comfort, minimizing hospital stays.

  • Government-recognized Super Specialty Cancer Hospital for focused expertise.
  • Advanced radiotherapy machines for precise and effective cancer treatment.
  • Comprehensive cancer care under one roof for simplified treatment.
  • Successful track record of complex surgeries and high patient comfort.
  • Outpatient Day Care facility minimizes hospital stays, enhancing patient convenience.

3) SUM Ultimate Medicare: A Hub For Quaternary Care In Cancer

As a multi-specialty quaternary care hospital, SUM Ultimate Medicare is committed to medical excellence across various interventions. The hospital’s Department of Oncology provides 360-degree cancer care solutions, integrating medical, surgical, and radiation oncology. With NABH accreditation and a commitment to transparency, SUM Ultimate Medicare is a trusted institution with a focus on patient safety and clinical excellence.

  • NABH accreditation for high-quality and safe healthcare services.
  • Award-winning hospital with recognition for valuable contributions to healthcare.
  • Pioneering advanced healthcare technologies for cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments.
  • Transparency, patient-centric care, and clinical excellence for affordable treatment.
  • Experienced team providing empathetic and compassionate care throughout the journey.

4) Apollo Hospitals: Delivering High-Quality Cancer Care

Part of the renowned Apollo Hospitals Group, Apollo Hospitals in Odisha is equipped with cutting-edge technology and experienced healthcare professionals. Offering comprehensive cancer care, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare, Apollo Hospitals has achieved milestones in personalized patient care and multidisciplinary approaches. The hospital actively contributes to cancer research, aiming to improve treatment methods and outcomes.

  • Part of the renowned Apollo Hospitals Group for world-class cancer care.
  • Comprehensive cancer care covers prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare.
  • Equipped with advanced technology, the latest radiation therapy machines, and surgical equipment.
  • Actively contributes to cancer research and advancements in treatment methods.
  • Prioritizes patient satisfaction with counselling, support groups, and compassionate care.

5) AMRI Hospitals Odisha: Innovators In Cancer Treatment

AMRI Hospitals Odisha is a distinguished healthcare institution known for its comprehensive cancer care services. With advanced technology and a commitment to research, the hospital has achieved significant success in treating various types of cancers. The hospital’s research contributions, high success rates, and commitment to patient care solidify its position as a leader in cancer treatment.

  • Comprehensive cancer care services covering medical, surgical, and radiation oncology.
  • Recognized for innovative treatment methods and contributions to oncology research.
  • Multidisciplinary approach for personalized treatment plans and improved patient outcomes.
  • Successful treatment track record for various cancers, emphasizing patient care.
  • Actively engaged in cancer research, contributing to advancements in treatment methods.

6) AIIMS Odisha: Government: Backed Excellence In Cancer Care

AIIMS Odisha, part of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, is a government-backed institution known for its comprehensive cancer care services. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for radiation therapy, the institute actively engages in cancer research and emphasizes patient-cantered care. Awards and accolades underscore AIIMS Odisha’s commitment to excellence in cancer care.

  • A government-backed institution with comprehensive cancer care services.
  • State-of-the-art facilities for advanced radiation therapy and cutting-edge treatments.
  • Active engagement in cancer research, contributing to global understanding.
  • Patient-cantered care with a focus on mental health and well-being.
  • Recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in cancer care.

7) Utkal Hospital: Advancing Cancer Treatment With Expertise

Utkal Hospital, specializing in cancer treatment, has made significant strides in providing comprehensive and advanced treatment options. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a multidisciplinary approach, the hospital ensures personalized care for each patient. Utkal Hospital’s success in complex surgeries and commitment to research contributes to its reputation as a reputable healthcare institution.

  • Renowned healthcare facility for personalized and advanced cancer treatment.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced medical technology for accurate diagnosis.
  • Successful track record in complex surgeries for various types of cancers.
  • High success rates and commitment to research contribute to the hospital’s reputation.
  • Comprehensive care with supportive services, pain management, and psychological support.

8) Hemalata Hospitals & Research Centre: Pioneering Advanced Cancer Care

Hemalata Hospitals & Research Centre, inaugurated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, is a super specialty hospital dedicated to cancer treatment. With advanced medical devices, including the only Linear Accelerator between Chennai and Kolkata, it prioritizes high-quality care and advanced treatment options. Limited information highlights its commitment to cancer treatment and research, evident in its facilities and dedicated service.

  • Super specialty hospital with advanced cancer treatment options.
  • Inaugurated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, focusing on dedicated service.
  • Houses unique medical devices like the only Linear Accelerator between Chennai and Kolkata.
  • Commitment to high-quality care and advanced treatment options.
  • Limited information on specific achievements, but evident dedication to cancer treatment.

9) SPARSH Hospital: Comprehensive Cancer Care & Beyond

SPARSH Hospital in Odisha stands as a premier cancer care institution, providing state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of experts. Noteworthy achievements include milestones in palliative care, emergency services, clinical research, rehabilitation, and community outreach. As a comprehensive cancer canter, SPARSH Hospital excels in delivering high-quality clinical services, prioritizing education, and actively contributing to cancer research efforts.

  • Premier cancer care hospital with state-of-the-art facilities for detection and treatment.
  • Achieved milestones in palliative care, emergency services, and clinical research.
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation services for cancer survivors, emphasizing holistic recovery.
  • Active in community outreach, conducting regular cancer screening camps in rural areas.
  • Recognized leader in Eastern India for high-quality clinical services, education, and research.

10) Shree Hospitals: Recognized Excellence In Cancer Treatment

Shree Hospitals in Odisha garners acclaim for its significant contributions to cancer treatment. The hospital’s accolades include prestigious accreditations, utilization of advanced treatment modalities, active participation in clinical research, and a commitment to patient-centric care. Recognized with awards, Shree Hospitals stands as an exemplar of excellence in the field, ensuring continuous improvement to provide patients with optimal care and favourable outcomes in their battle against cancer.

  • Recognized for excellence in cancer treatment with prestigious accreditations.
  • Offers advanced treatment modalities, including robotic surgery and precision medicine.
  • Actively participates in clinical research and trials for innovative cancer therapies.
  • Prioritizes patient satisfaction with compassionate care, prompt service, and effective communication.
  • Accolades and awards underscore the hospital’s positive impact on cancer patients’ lives.

Conclusion For Top 10 Cancer Hospitals in Odisha

In conclusion, these 10 Cancer Hospital In Odisha unites cutting-edge technology, skilled professionals, and compassionate care. With a multidisciplinary approach, commitment to research, and patient-centric focus, these institutions aim to positively impact cancer patients’ lives.



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